Internationally Educated Midwives

Internationally educated and experienced Midwifes may have their Prior Learning and Experience assessed (PLEA) to determine substantial equivalence to the Canadian requirements.  

There are a number of steps involved in the process:

  1. Midwives must have the ability to communicate effectively with other caregivers, facilitating referral, consultation and collaboration when appropriate. As such, Candidates for PLEA MUST meet minimum English Language Standards to be considered
  2. Apply to an independent Qualification/Education assessment service: WES  or  IQAS to have your education documents reviewed and sent to the CMA - (see each website for cost information)
  3. Complete the  Competency Assessment Tool  and the  PLEA application  and submit with payment (*$1400)
    The CMA will review the above documents and issue an initial decision or recommendation
  4. Complete the three components of the Examination Process: Culture and Jurisprudence exam, Canadian Midwifery Registration Exam (CMRE) - *$750, and the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) - *~ $3500-$4500

Results of these three are reviewed by the Registration Committee and a decision is made regarding eligibility for Registration and if appropriate the type of Practice Permit. Registration DOES NOT allow a midwife to start practice.

  1. Once approved for registration, a new midwife will look for a placement in Alberta with an established practice
  2. Join the Alberta Association of Midwives (AAM) to obtain insurance
  3. Apply to the CMA for a Practice Permit: 
2021 Practice permit fees* will be $4550.00 and can be paid into two installments of $2275.00 - 1st installment due December 17, 2020 and 2nd installment due June 30, 2021
Please contact the CMA at for more information. 

*fees quoted are for 2021 and subject to change, confirm with CMA office for current fees, and payment methods  

Once the Practice Permit is granted the midwife 
must apply for Privileges through Alberta Health Services and obtain a PracID from Alberta Health.

(Please note: Midwifery services are publicly funded through Alberta Health Services. We recommend that if you are applying for any midwifery position you ensure the position is funded by contacting Alberta Health Services at:

 2020 CMA Registration Fees for Applicants with International Credentials 

English Language Standards

See each website for cost information

Independent Qualification/Education Assessment Service

See each website for cost information

PLEA Application for Registration with the CMA

$ 1400.00


$ 750.00


$ 3500.00 - $4500.00

Practice Permit with the CMA

$ 4550.00

*Please note that the Practice Permit Fee will only apply once the registration with the College has been approved.

* Fees quoted are for 2020 and subject to change, confirm with CMA office for current fees, and payment methods 

Before arriving in Alberta, you may complete the following:

  • Language Requirements
  • Apply to an independent Qualification/Education assessment service
  • Complete the Competency Assessment Tool and the PLEA application and submit with payment
  • Complete the Culture and Jurisprudence exam



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