The College of Midwives of Alberta works to protect the public by addressing questions and issues about the conduct and competence of midwives operating in the province of Alberta.  The College of Midwives of Alberta Code of Ethics states that the Midwives of Alberta, consistently uphold the values and standards of the profession in the best interest of their clients and the reputation of the profession. 
Clients can expect midwifery services will be free from conduct, behaviour or remarks of a sexual nature, and that the Registered Midwife will establish and maintain professional boundaries appropriate to the midwifery care relationship in all interactions with clients.

If you have a question or issue with regard to midwifery care, you should contact the College. It is recommended that you discuss these issues with the Registrar who can advise you on appropriate avenues. To find out more about the process involved in making and following up on a complaint see: Complaints Process


To contact the Complaints Director for the College of Midwives of Alberta:

Phone:  (587)- 899-3990

Mailing address:
119E 1144 29 ave NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 7P1

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