About the College

Through regulatory excellence, we will inspire trust and confidence in Midwifery Care for all childbearing families in Alberta.

The College of Midwifes of Alberta is the governing and regulatory body that oversees the registration and practice of midwifery throughout the province of Alberta.


As of January 2013, registered midwives practicing in the province of Alberta are governed by the College of Midwives of Alberta. In 1994, midwifery was first designated as a health discipline under the Alberta Health Disciplines Act and as of April 2019 Midwives in Alberta become Health Professionals regulated under the Health Professions Act and the Midwives Profession Regulations. Midwives must follow the  College of Midwives Ethics and the Standards of Competence and Practice, developed to ensure the safety of expectant mothers and their babies.


The College of Midwives of Alberta ensures public safety by regulating the practice of midwifery in accordance with the Health Professions Act and Midwives Profession Regulations. The College upholds the minimum standard of practice and competencies expected of all midwives registered to practice in Alberta.

Canadian Model of Midwifery Care

Code of Ethics

The Midwifery Code of Ethics 

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